Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

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Policy TitlePolicy
082-Nonpoint Source Pollution and Watershed ManagementCurrent wording: We support establishment of a statewide septic task force consisting of agricultural, rural, urban and statewide geographic representation that should be responsible for developing: -Fair and uniform implementation and enforcement across Michigan. Change to: -Fair and uniform implementation and enforcement across Michigan by the local controlling Health Department.
044-State Energy PolicyWe support adding: That solar energy commercial production may occur and be permitted as a matter of right under zoning laws/regulations on all parcels larger than 5 acres. (SA 79)
065-Local GovernmentWe support adding: Passage of statute that would require any state agency or department to pay the legal fees and/or additional expenses caused by that agency or department misapplying any rule or law and the approval of on-going projects, that later results in legal fees and additional expenses for the local unit of government because of that state agency or department’s mistakes or failure to proper apply the rule or law.
041-Michigan State UniversityMSUE tends to have regional agents that cover large areas of the state. We would like to have more contact and access to agents by having one dedicated day each month the agent will be in the county. Under Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) add: We support Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) scheduling a designated day each month for an agent to be in the county.
 We support abolishing daylight savings time.
Local ResolutionWe support the Barry County Agriculture Promotion Board reverting its title to Barry County Agriculture Preservation Board. We also request a bylaw change to something very similar to the original inception and funding to contract for administrative services.
Local ResolutionWe support a MSU Extension agricultural agent based out of Barry County
238-National Dairy ProgramWe support a National supply management program for Dairy. The ongoing oversupply of milk and huge dairy imports has caused large losses in equity and numbers of farms. Combined with shifts in domestic demand and a prolonged negative basis, mailbox prices have been below break-even for over 3 years. Without the ability of a Federal program like in decades past to eliminate herds completely, we must adjust our marketing schemes. Therefore, we ask that all dairy farmers, private and government groups work to implement a fully functioning supply management system.
159-NutritionBackground: MyPlate is the current guide published by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, a food circle depicting a place setting with a plate and glass divided into five food groups.[1] It replaced the USDA's MyPyramid guide on June 2, 2011, ending 19 years of USDA food pyramid diagrams. MyPlate will be displayed on packaging and used in nutrition education in the United States. MyPlate is based on the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. We support adding line 1.01 to national policy 159 Nutrition: 1.01 The USDA issuing a food guide based on sound nutritional research. Current Nutrition policy #159 reads: 1.1. Teaching balanced diet guidelines following the recommendations of USDA's food nutrition program research; 1.2. Recognition by USDA and the Food and Drug Administration of studies and research in nutrition which are based on published standard research criteria whether funded by producer groups or other recognized research groups; 1.3. Funding of nutrition research on relationships between agricultural products and coronary heart disease and cancer; 1.4. Teachers and health professionals being educated about sound nutritional principles; 1.5. USDA including whole potatoes in the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program; 1.6. Changing the school lunch and WIC program to increase the number of eligible dairy products available to participants, including yogurt; 1.7. Legislation and programs seeking to utilize Commodity Credit Corporation owned commodities for direct distribution in lieu of food stamps; and 1.8. Allowing all participants in the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFRMNP) to purchase locally produced, USDA-certified frozen meat products sold at farmers’ markets or certified roadside markets with SRFMNP vouchers. 2. We oppose: 2.1. Anyone dictating which foods should and should not be eaten, including imposing "health taxes" on food and beverages; and 2.2. Using taxpayers' money for the purpose of legislating or controlling the diets of American people
079-Land UseWe support adding: That solar energy commercial production may occur and be permitted as a matter of right under zoning laws/regulations on all parcels larger than 5 acres. (ENERGY 44)