Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

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Policy TitlePolicy
063-Law EnforcementWe oppose: Defunding of police /sheriff departments as proposed by various radical groups during recent city protests that developed into riots, mass destruction of property, and violence directed toward police officers.
068-Streamlining Michigan GovernmentDuring most of 2020, the citizens and businesses of Michigan have been under Executive Orders imposed by Governor Whitmer during what she has declared a State of Emergency. The power afforded to Michigan’s Governor to impose such a State of Emergency for an extended period of time is in question, because of two conflicting state statutes passed as far back as 1945. We support: The passage of a new statute, and repeal of the above two referenced laws. The new statute would provide that any future State of Emergency Order would be in effect and expire after 14 calendar days, unless extended by a majority positive vote of both the House and Senate of the Michigan Legislature. Michigan Farm Bureau working with and supporting the citizen-initiated legislation to gather signatures to repeal the 1945 law.
080-Nonpoint Source Pollution And Watershed ManagementLine 167 & 168 Change current policy: • A set of standards for mandatory voluntary time of sale inspections.
073-Environmental Protection And AuthorityIn many cases in counties across Michigan, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (MDEGLE) acted in a questionable manner regarding enforcement of various Michigan environmental laws. This problem has shown itself in Barry County regarding the Little Thornapple River project, and lake level issues in southwest Barry County. In Saginaw County, MDEGLE involvement may have contributed to extensive flooding caused by the breaching of one or more dams. We support: Timely issuance of permits by MDEGLE when applied for by individuals and businesses, and that any permit application not denied by MDEGLE within 45 days is considered approved Permits be issued by uniform application of applicable law considering the facts of the case. Change current policy: MDEGLE being responsible to pay legal fees incurred by the respondent from a wrongful enforcement action if the enforcement action is settled or decided in the respondent’s favor or by a consent agreement between MDEGLE and the respondent.
080-Nonpoint Source Pollution And Watershed ManagementMFB Policy #80 Nonpoint Source Pollution and Watershed Management Current wording: We support establishment of a statewide septic task force consisting of agricultural, rural, urban and statewide geographic representation that should be responsible for developing: • Fair and uniform implementation and enforcement across Michigan. Change to: • Fair and uniform implementation and enforcement across Michigan by the local controlling Health Department.
044-State Energy Policy We support adding: That solar energy commercial production may occur and be permitted as a matter of right under zoning laws/regulations on all parcels larger than 5 acres.
064-Local GovernmentWe support adding: Passage of statute that would require any state agency or department to pay the legal fees and/or additional expenses caused by that agency or department misapplying any rule or law and the approval of on-going projects, that later results in legal fees and additional expenses for the local unit of government because of that state agency or department’s mistakes or failure to proper apply the rule or law.
 We support abolishing daylight savings time.
041-Michigan State University MSUE tends to have regional agents that cover large areas of the state. We would like to have more contact and access to agents by having one dedicated day each month the agent will be in the county. Under Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) add: We support Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) scheduling a designated day each month for an agent to be in the county.